day two: in which this may have been a bad idea.
 entering a drabble contest on a site: not a good idea. i have written twenty drabbles over the past four days and still haven't cracked open my art history text book for a test on monday. i'm hooked on these gorram things and it's going to end in my demise. BECAUSE I CAN'T FUCKING STOP. I WILL WRITE UNTIL MY FINGERS BLEED.

...okay. breathe.

but you know what was a good idea? downloading "the virginia company" from pochahantas and memorizing it. i have a test over the found of the colonies on tuesday and i'm going to nail the virginia questions.

day one: in which i am in my favorite place in the world.
jolly good.
 i am sitting in my best friend's apartment on state street in chicago right now and i'm just going say for the record, this  is my favorite city in the whole wide world. and tomorrow, i get to go to the art institute, which is my favorite place in my favorite city in the whole wide world. and i'm going to sit in front of the seurat and channel cameron from ferris bueller's day off because that's what i do best. and then, watching the golden globes with my best friends and probably fangirling like a mo-fo if pinto shows, much to their amusement. they are not gqmfs and it is not their way to understand. but i'd like it if they'd stop stealing my milk money and  threatening to put me in a dumpster. but i love them anyway because my love for star trek is equal to/greater than my best friend's love of gaga. and we are friends. and friends respect other friends fandoms. or some such.

and first entry down. this is what i get for friending people on live journal, makes me want to feel useful and blog. 

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pinto high five
 so i will most likely never post here.

but hi.


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